Friday, 31 July 2015

Mama, I'm coming home...

Is this a serious post?


I didn’t know she could do that?

Well, she is going to try….

Okay, after moving to uni, having what can only be described as a W I L D year, and then moving back home for the summer, it's been weird, to say the least.  

I've lived at home with mother dearest my entire life (except like 7 months I lived with just my grandmother in India, but stories for another blog post…) so moving to halls was a whole new experience.

Managing money was a new one. Buying food. Paying for travel. Cooking for myself. Cleaning my bedroom. I kid thee not.

So I got used to be independent woman *sassy finger movement* and then came SUMMER.
We all moved home, it was the worst feeling seeing everyone leave…

But EVERYONE needed the break. I think we all were excited to go home, whilst sad to be leaving one another, but it really was time to take a break.

Moving home was exciting. Seeing my family, having REAL food, which I didn’t have to cook! (Okay, I never cooked any real food, but I was happy to not have to cook at all!)

The biggest difference between home and uni are:

At uni everyone runs at uni o'clock. No one sleeps like a normal person. Whether were in our rooms watching TV, in the kitchen eating or maybe even doing uni work *laughs hysterically* no one functions at 'normal' times. It's always time for food, especially at am. It's always time to shower, especially at 4pm, then again at 7pm and maybe again at 11pm because why not? N O T H I N G happens at set time. Unless its lecture and seminars of course! S being home I've had to either sit alone in my living room in the dark (mostly because I don’t want to move to switch the lights on) watching TV at am or go to bed and sit on my phone (well it's better to be alone on my phone in my bed than alone is a living room which other people are not living in).

F O O D. home food wins. Every time. The quality of food is just so much better. Never have I appreciated food more than when my mother is feeding me when I came back from uni. Although at uni you control your own food, you probably also live on a student budget and lifestyle. It's not the greatest thing in the world. So being home means an almost a la carte menu.

Family time. At uni this means sitting with your pals, in your living room with the light sensors covered win tin foil, all of you squashing onto your tiny sofa with tonnes of junk food. At home this means doing the same but in the comfort of your own living room and without 7 of you trying to squish onto a sofa, because let's be honest, at home we've all claimed a spot as our own and there's hell to pay when someone tries to sit in your spot.

Don't get me wrong there are soooo many other differences, but I'll be here 5ever going through those, so here's just a few....

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The best of both worlds....

Yes, I am a Hannah Montana of sorts.

So, I've been living two lives. Yes, I know, shocking; but not really, not at all in fact. My two "lives" aren't separate. I'm actually talking about two cultures. It's pretty fab as it goes.

Obviously my two cultures have been mine since birth. Back in good ol' '96 mi madre y mi padre brought into this world a child who was fated to live the rest of her years embracing two incredible cultures in unison.

But let me tell you, these are two V E R Y different cultures in a lot of ways.

So being Indian, more accurately Punjabi means I can speak the language fluently (and speak Hindi and Urdu too (I know, a woman of many talents, hold the applause)) read it (but honestly I'm not good at this at all) and I can write it too (appallingly but it still counts). Whilst doing all of this I had the pleasure of learning to read, write and speak English since exiting that oh so lush place otherwise known as my mother's uterus. I learnt both English and Punjabi, so I guess they are both my first languages. I also have had the opportunity to learn French since the age of 5 and Spanish more recently. *Takes a bow*

Don’t for a second think that when I need to bitch about someone who's in a room that I won't happily do it another language. Actually, my mother and I do this a lot more than we probably should.

When words fail me in one language I have the use of another. There are so many words that don’t translate well….and a lot of insults that don’t translate well either but are ridiculously offensive in Punjabi.

It means I can impress all potential future mother-in-laws because they do find it pretty impressive. (AS IFFFFF)

I've been watching Indian and English movies since birth. There's not a classic of either culture I haven't watched. I've spent a good percentage of my life watching movies.

Also songs in other languages are GREAT. Obviously EVERYONE has seen the white guy imitating a Punjabi song, but seriously that’s a great song. The actual lyrics are pretty fab, although I have heard a lot of kids definitely singing the words from that YouTube video. I also love English music. *turns up Eminem song, proceeds to rap every word perfectly*

Also being the shade I am I have the advantage of never needing fake tan and also never getting sunburnt. (This also comes with a lot of hassle of having to dodge the sun 24/7 but it’s a choice not an obligation).

It's always fun when you get asked "so….what are you?" after someone's been staring at you for a good 20 minutes before they had the courage to enquire.

The food is pretty good. I lied, the food is INCREDIBLE. It's such a shame I am incapable of even making toast.

Fashion wise, I pretty much am the same. I wear black pretty much 99% of the time. I am most likely to be in colour when at a Punjabi function, because it looks like the same suit all the time otherwise.

There are so many amazing things about growing up with two different cultures. I can't even begin to explain. It's actually incredible; I can't imagine being one without the other. I love both equally. I think sometime I like to portray myself as a little bit more English, but I am secretly very Punjabi.

I highly recommend the film K3G, its genuinely phenomenal, absolute classic and one of my favourite movies ever. Everything about it is amazing. So if you get time please watch it because it’s a timeless slice of just one of my cultures.

Maybe I'll do a part 2, because let's face it there are just too many great things about being a part of two cultures. 

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Monday, 27 July 2015


It's been a while, I sincerely apologise. Believe it or not, I've actually had things to do (shocking, I know). 

Okay, so I was laughing with my best friend Amber because I saw a Facebook suggestion. I don't know why Facebook thinks I want to be friends with my friends friends, but news update, I DO NOT. 

Anyway, one of the suggestions made me laugh a lot.  Not in a mean way, but because I know Amber detests this individual a L O T. 

So obviously, me being be little pain I am, I had to friends request her but before I did I sent Amber a screenshot. 

But this got me thinking.... Amber has a university nemesis. A person who genuinely dislikes her, who Amber hates mutually, someone who gets on her last nerve. 

Then I though... Maybe I have a uni nemesis? A person who hates me, and a person I hate too, someone who's hoping I'll mess up, wishes me the worst, laughs at my downfall and who always puts me down? 

So a nemesis is a long-standing rival; an arch-enemy (how Disney villain does that sound?) Which got me thinking about all the kids who hate me. And there's a good few....

Not that I can say any of their reasons are justified, but it is what it is. 

So, I've concluded that I do in fact have a uni nemisis. That person is someone who hates me for the most ridiculous of reasons. Someone who wished me to fail. Someone who motivates me to be brilliant. Probably even someone I'm not even aware exists. 

Because let's be honest we've all got people who dislike us for a variety of reasons. There's nothing we can do to change that, but these are the people who make us work harder, better ourselves and prove all those who doubt us that they're wrong. 

So F U nemisis. You're sad. I'm fab. 

So embrace the nemisis (maybe not literally) but laugh off the hate and work hard. Life's too short to let that kinda thing get you down. Also it's fun to say uni nemisis, makes life sound a little dramatic. 

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Drunken thoughts I've had in a toilet cubical...

We've all been there. We've been drinking since about 2 o'clock (well we woke up at 1 so obviously we can't start any earlier) and it's gotten to midnight, we've made it through pres without breaking the seal and now it is time to G O.

We've managed to manouvour our way down 2 flights of stairs, past the girl crying on the phone and away from the creep trying to summon you over. The B A T H R O O M. Most of the time we make the trek with our friends, because remember when Hermione Granger went to the bathroom alone? We wouldn’t want a repeat of that. We stumble into the stall, plonk our drunken derrieres onto the loo….

And we've probably had a few of these thoughts run through our drunken minds:

I wonder if I pee loudly. Can everyone hear me? Am I louder than everyone else? Maybe if I sit a bit different? Well that didn’t help. Maybe if I try and pee slower? Nope, no good either. Okay maybe I'm over thinking this? No one has ever commented on it. It's got to be in my head.

Why didn’t I check for toilet paper? Why is there never any in the cubical I pick? Who doesn’t leave spare rolls lying around?

I haven't smudged my lipstick have I? Am I wearing lipstick? Did I even put any on?

Where are the hot guys at? I'm cute. I'm single. I've tried my best to put my RBF away. Come at me Zac Efron. What would Zac be doing in London? We can all hope…

*High fives self* at least I haven't chundered. Y E T.

Do I have any change? The toilet attendant is probably going to pass me a paper towel. Why do I spend so much money on alcohol? How do I not have A N Y change?

I wonder what her life story is. How do you even become a toilet attendant? What qualifications do you have to have? Maybe that’s where they’ve gone wrong? Maybe ill end up here too…?

T O I L E T F R I E N D S!!!

What am I doing?

I've spent so long in here, what if someone thinks I'm taking a dump? How vile. I wouldn’t do that. I'm not that girl.

When is it time to get food? What do I want to eat?

Where is everyone?

Better go find them….
*leaves feeling like Beyonce*

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Song of the post: Black Magic - Little Mix

Monday, 13 July 2015

Home is wherever I'm with you...

So the end of my first year at uni came and I was time to leave our university halls. My home for my first year at uni. My first London home (independent of my mother). My little flat in the big city.

As scary as it was moving in, I couldn’t even begin to explain how exciting it was. I've loved outside of London since I was 7. So come back is pretty much all I've wanted. I've had one of the best years ever, don’t get me wrong there have been so many UPS and DOWNS, but without that my year would have been sooooo boring. I've met some cool people, some incredibly lame people, and made some F A B friends. So many lessons were learnt and a lot of realisations happened this year but I feel like I've changed for the better.

Moving home was a welcome relief, in all honesty. The last month at uni, when everyone knows it's all coming to an end, our friends from home are starting to return, our parents are expecting us back, our old schools are planning reunions, and our local clubs are holding events to get everyone back together, people started to realise that they needed to prepare for a summer without the people they’ve just spent the last 9 months seeing almost 24/7.

A lot changed over the last month of uni. I did more spontaneous things, I stopped caring about what everyone was doing as a group and decided to do things even if the others didn’t want to and I had a lot of F U N.

People broke up for the summer and people got back together. We've all done what is most convenient for ourselves.

I miss everyone a lot. A ridiculous amount. But I'm having an A M A Z I N G time at home. I'm spending tonnes of time with my best friends, were going out, staying in and just having a lot of fun. I've managed to visit my old school and actually enjoyed it. (Considering I said I never wanted to go back, I had a great time; it's nice not feeling like a child anymore!)

I think moving back is a big change, but I think it came at the right time. Everyone needs a break and I think we've all missed everyone from home. It gives us time to spend with those who matter before we have to move away again.

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

How to party like a VIP…..

Recently I had a really fantastic night out. Total VIP treatment. It was spontaneous but it's probably been one of the best nights out in London that I have ever had.

1. Know people. Get to know people. Lots of people. Be social because this means you'll make some great connections. This applies to life generally.

2. Look cute. I'm sure most you have this down to a T. Just be yourself. Look cute, be flirty, have fun with it.

3. S M I L E. if you look like fun, you're probably quite fun! So enjoy yourself.

4. Be confident. Confidence is key. Look confident, sound confident and B E confident. If you have confidence in yourself, people will have confidence in you.

5. Dance. A lot. It's fun! So why not? But be prepared for the burning sensation in your thighs tomorrow morning. But I'm sure it'll be worth it. 

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Song of the post: Just Dance - Lady GaGa

The B E S T thing about boys…

So, as Cindy Lauper so accurately stated, "girls just wanna have fun" but with this F U N there is also some complications. These complications are more commonly referred to as BOYS. Whilst there are a lot of annoying things about boys, there are some absolutely fabulous things about this particular species of human.

1. Boys can smell A M A Z I N G.

2. Guys give great hugs.

3. Guys in suits.

4. Hoodies. Boys hoodies >>> girls hoodies.

5. They are sufficiently awkward. About almost everything. But it's oretty cute.

6. They have a wealth of knowledge about random shit.

7. They're not girls. they are S O different.

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Nevertheless, single life is still for me...

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The things that seem cute about relationships….

So although I've O B V I O U S L Y never been in a relationship, I do love how cute couples can be (sometimes). Don’t get me wrong, it's not fun to watch couples making out, G R O S S, but there do seem to be quite a few cute perks of being in a relationship.

I actually don’t have too many successful relationships to look at, and of course everyone has their ups and downs, but from the relationships I can observe here is what looks cute….

1. Hand holding

2. Dates

3. Hugs

4. Old people

5. There's always someone who wants to know you're okay/alive. Cute morning texts or a random 'I love you'. 

6. Quirky little things. Like the fact you need to turn off every every switch that isn't being used. 

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