Friday, 31 July 2015

The best of both worlds....

Yes, I am a Hannah Montana of sorts.

So, I've been living two lives. Yes, I know, shocking; but not really, not at all in fact. My two "lives" aren't separate. I'm actually talking about two cultures. It's pretty fab as it goes.

Obviously my two cultures have been mine since birth. Back in good ol' '96 mi madre y mi padre brought into this world a child who was fated to live the rest of her years embracing two incredible cultures in unison.

But let me tell you, these are two V E R Y different cultures in a lot of ways.

So being Indian, more accurately Punjabi means I can speak the language fluently (and speak Hindi and Urdu too (I know, a woman of many talents, hold the applause)) read it (but honestly I'm not good at this at all) and I can write it too (appallingly but it still counts). Whilst doing all of this I had the pleasure of learning to read, write and speak English since exiting that oh so lush place otherwise known as my mother's uterus. I learnt both English and Punjabi, so I guess they are both my first languages. I also have had the opportunity to learn French since the age of 5 and Spanish more recently. *Takes a bow*

Don’t for a second think that when I need to bitch about someone who's in a room that I won't happily do it another language. Actually, my mother and I do this a lot more than we probably should.

When words fail me in one language I have the use of another. There are so many words that don’t translate well….and a lot of insults that don’t translate well either but are ridiculously offensive in Punjabi.

It means I can impress all potential future mother-in-laws because they do find it pretty impressive. (AS IFFFFF)

I've been watching Indian and English movies since birth. There's not a classic of either culture I haven't watched. I've spent a good percentage of my life watching movies.

Also songs in other languages are GREAT. Obviously EVERYONE has seen the white guy imitating a Punjabi song, but seriously that’s a great song. The actual lyrics are pretty fab, although I have heard a lot of kids definitely singing the words from that YouTube video. I also love English music. *turns up Eminem song, proceeds to rap every word perfectly*

Also being the shade I am I have the advantage of never needing fake tan and also never getting sunburnt. (This also comes with a lot of hassle of having to dodge the sun 24/7 but it’s a choice not an obligation).

It's always fun when you get asked "so….what are you?" after someone's been staring at you for a good 20 minutes before they had the courage to enquire.

The food is pretty good. I lied, the food is INCREDIBLE. It's such a shame I am incapable of even making toast.

Fashion wise, I pretty much am the same. I wear black pretty much 99% of the time. I am most likely to be in colour when at a Punjabi function, because it looks like the same suit all the time otherwise.

There are so many amazing things about growing up with two different cultures. I can't even begin to explain. It's actually incredible; I can't imagine being one without the other. I love both equally. I think sometime I like to portray myself as a little bit more English, but I am secretly very Punjabi.

I highly recommend the film K3G, its genuinely phenomenal, absolute classic and one of my favourite movies ever. Everything about it is amazing. So if you get time please watch it because it’s a timeless slice of just one of my cultures.

Maybe I'll do a part 2, because let's face it there are just too many great things about being a part of two cultures. 

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Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....


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