Friday, 31 July 2015

Mama, I'm coming home...

Is this a serious post?


I didn’t know she could do that?

Well, she is going to try….

Okay, after moving to uni, having what can only be described as a W I L D year, and then moving back home for the summer, it's been weird, to say the least.  

I've lived at home with mother dearest my entire life (except like 7 months I lived with just my grandmother in India, but stories for another blog post…) so moving to halls was a whole new experience.

Managing money was a new one. Buying food. Paying for travel. Cooking for myself. Cleaning my bedroom. I kid thee not.

So I got used to be independent woman *sassy finger movement* and then came SUMMER.
We all moved home, it was the worst feeling seeing everyone leave…

But EVERYONE needed the break. I think we all were excited to go home, whilst sad to be leaving one another, but it really was time to take a break.

Moving home was exciting. Seeing my family, having REAL food, which I didn’t have to cook! (Okay, I never cooked any real food, but I was happy to not have to cook at all!)

The biggest difference between home and uni are:

At uni everyone runs at uni o'clock. No one sleeps like a normal person. Whether were in our rooms watching TV, in the kitchen eating or maybe even doing uni work *laughs hysterically* no one functions at 'normal' times. It's always time for food, especially at am. It's always time to shower, especially at 4pm, then again at 7pm and maybe again at 11pm because why not? N O T H I N G happens at set time. Unless its lecture and seminars of course! S being home I've had to either sit alone in my living room in the dark (mostly because I don’t want to move to switch the lights on) watching TV at am or go to bed and sit on my phone (well it's better to be alone on my phone in my bed than alone is a living room which other people are not living in).

F O O D. home food wins. Every time. The quality of food is just so much better. Never have I appreciated food more than when my mother is feeding me when I came back from uni. Although at uni you control your own food, you probably also live on a student budget and lifestyle. It's not the greatest thing in the world. So being home means an almost a la carte menu.

Family time. At uni this means sitting with your pals, in your living room with the light sensors covered win tin foil, all of you squashing onto your tiny sofa with tonnes of junk food. At home this means doing the same but in the comfort of your own living room and without 7 of you trying to squish onto a sofa, because let's be honest, at home we've all claimed a spot as our own and there's hell to pay when someone tries to sit in your spot.

Don't get me wrong there are soooo many other differences, but I'll be here 5ever going through those, so here's just a few....

So if you enjoyed reading that, and you've experienced the transition, or you haven't because you stayed at home for your uni life, you could share it, like it, and tweet about.

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Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....


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