Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The 10 stages of being unable to write a blog post

I haven't posted ANYTHING in YEARS. WOW! I am bad at this blog thang. OOPSSS.

So, I've had a writers blog. I am not gifted with words. As the great Victoria Baker Harber once said, "if you cannot wow with words, baffle with bullshit"; words to live by.

1. Lack of ideas. Why don’t I do anything interesting? Maybe people want to know about the contents of my handbag. I doubt it. Wait, I don’t really have a handbag. There’s nothing in the world people haven’t already written about. ANY ideas, come on…

2. Getting an idea but being unable to come up with anything good enough. Did we all see Justin’s new hair? 1D are releasing a new album? How about an article on how to get some good selfie lighting? 👀

3. Watching hours of TV to inspire you. Maybe I will learn something new from a TV show. Once upon a time? Friends? White collar? House? Oh! I know! This is PRIME time to catch up on OITNB.

4. Watching 4 seasons of OITNB and still having no idea what to write. Well I think EVERYONE knows how hot Ruby Rose is. 😍 That was a great way to spend a day but still nothing to write about. LOL @ my life.

5. Picking at anything and everything. Clutching at straws. Maybe people will be interested in Land Law? Or EU law? Then again, I think if that were the case they’d have chosen to do a law degree. Who does that? Oh, wait….

6. Listening to some music to get you in the writing mood. EMINEM anyone? The man has such a way with words. True talent right there.

7. Learning the lyrics to the 12 new songs in the charts. All this time I though they’ve been saying “like the legend of the penis” but apparently not….

8. Harassing your housemates for ideas. Jessssssss? Whatcha doin’????? Alisssssson? What’s a farmers’ life really like?

9. Hoping you’ll do something blog worthy. Maybe if I drink enough ill do something REALLY stupid and I can blog about it. I’m sure people want to read about me taking my top off in Camden right?

10. Realising you’ve got nothing, maybe that’s it. What am I doing with my life? Nothing, apparently. Maybe that’s a good post in itself.

I will do my very very best to post more regularly. 

Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....


Thursday, 3 September 2015

I'm in love with YOU, and ALL your little things....

So, I was watching a YouTube video yesterday and it was about wearing everything you’ve been told not to. Now, I'm a believer in wearing what makes you feel good, but I also think if a friend or family member suggests you not wear something, it is probably for a good reason.

I think most people dress to highlight their best features. Boys and girls do it. Its not a girl thing. For example, if a guy’s favourite feature is his back, he probably wears crazy tight shirts, or if a girl’s favourite feature are her legs she probably wears cute skirts and dresses to show off those pins.


But, that also got me thinking, what do people think is their best feature?

I sent out a text to some very textually active humans;

And these are the replies:

Mature, I know...

So, it seems it's actually a bit of a difficult question. But, I think it's a shame people aren't just confident enough to give their answers.

Everyone should learn to love themselves a little bit more. *Sending positive vibes*

I've also learnt that I've got some seriously sassy friends.

Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....


Song of the post: Shake it off - Taylor Swift

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


It’s weird how little things can change a person.

For the better and for the worst.

Some things are such positive changes. They make people so happy, they increase their confidence, they encourage others to make positive changes and they are so good for people’s health.

Other things can be incredibly negative.

So, recently a few of my friends have lost some weight.

Me; I never change, it’s sad, I could go to the gym everyday and still look the same. (Although, I did tone up over the summer and am currently a huge fan of my body in all my cute underwear.)

Anyway, so they’ve lost some weight. Some did it by cutting out certain food groups, and a few pretty much stopped eating. Now kids, I think you’re CRAZY if you think that you can loose weigh by eating the tiniest amounts of food and going on a mental diet.

By not eating you're putting so much strain on your body. You NEED to eat.

So, they’ve lost it however they did.

Some of them have taken it to their heads. Get over it. Don’t be proud of loosing weight by doing it in stupid ways. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy for you because you seem happier but I will not support you loosing it by being a twat.

Also, remember; its very easy to spot girls who aren’t used to being called attractive. I'm not sure a lot of people, especially girls, are aware of how obvious it is when someone has changed and think they're more attractive. Because their confidence has increased they think they’re it, but this also means their insecurities are more obvious. It happens a lot when people have surgery, like a nose job, or get braces, but also when people lose weight.

So, if you have lost weight, don’t go on about it. Don’t talk about sizes. Don’t talk shit about your former body size. Don’t talk about these things CONSTANTLY. Obviously, comment on it when necessary but people aren’t particularly interested.

Don’t ever be ashamed of your former self either. Just accept it. You weren’t happy so you changed but do not be horrible to yourself. There are enough people in the world who will talk shit about you, so there’s no need to become one of those people.

The key is subtle confidence. If you can be confident then do it. Own it. Work it. You be you. But don’t be an ass-hat. If you treat people badly it reflects how truly insecure you are. So be happy, be brilliant, be you.

I'm so happy for all my friends who are happier with themselves now. I love you all to bits, no matter what you look like. But yay! PROUD OF YOU.

Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....


Song of the post: Changes - David Bowie