Thursday, 3 September 2015

I'm in love with YOU, and ALL your little things....

So, I was watching a YouTube video yesterday and it was about wearing everything you’ve been told not to. Now, I'm a believer in wearing what makes you feel good, but I also think if a friend or family member suggests you not wear something, it is probably for a good reason.

I think most people dress to highlight their best features. Boys and girls do it. Its not a girl thing. For example, if a guy’s favourite feature is his back, he probably wears crazy tight shirts, or if a girl’s favourite feature are her legs she probably wears cute skirts and dresses to show off those pins.


But, that also got me thinking, what do people think is their best feature?

I sent out a text to some very textually active humans;

And these are the replies:

Mature, I know...

So, it seems it's actually a bit of a difficult question. But, I think it's a shame people aren't just confident enough to give their answers.

Everyone should learn to love themselves a little bit more. *Sending positive vibes*

I've also learnt that I've got some seriously sassy friends.

Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....


Song of the post: Shake it off - Taylor Swift

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