Thursday, 31 December 2015



I hope your 2015 was amazing. Mine was turbulent; but, the good was incredible, and the bad wasn’t even bad. All in all, it was a pretty fun year!

 I hope everyone has a wonderfully safe evening, and I hope 2016 is even more fantastic! I will try to write on my blog more regularly (I know I pretty much try every post but new year, new me) and make it a bit more interesting!

Oh, I hope everyone has a great soundtrack to enter 2016!

That shit cray….

Much love!


Monday, 21 December 2015

Stuck at sixteen

This was actually something I wrote a while ago, I'm so ready to leave so much in 2015, so here's one I made early, it's so 2015 and you know what? There's only 9 days left....

I recently started having a much needed, alcohol induced, conversation with a friend of mine. Our friendship got complicated, we’ve lost a lot of time and it’s so unnecessarily awkward for us; I used to be able to talk to them about everything, and more important nothing, for hours. We started talking, and I finally got my long anticipated apology. And, for that, I am so grateful.

I think people thoroughly underestimate the power of a meaningful apology. After everything I had to put up with, and what I am still having to endure, due to their actions and a lot of his inactions; I value that apology so much. It will never really make anything better; but, it does mean they recognised they spoilt it, they ruined it, they regrets hurting me, and I can undoubtedly forgive them for that.

When we were talking, he stated he wished I had someone like he does. He wished I was in love.

This left me perplexed. It actually irritated me a little too. The problem with us, as a generation, is that we are so busy trying to find someone, something to complete us. We are completely addicted to the concept of love.  We thrive on thinking we’re in love. We’re obsessed with wanting to be in love, wanting to find it, wanting to really feel it. Because, for us the real question is; what is life if you’re not in love?

Well, how can I put this? I call bullshit.

I grabbed his arm and told him that if what him and his girlfriend have is love, I would rather NEVER be in it.

I don’t mean to be dramatic. And, it’s not particularly personal to their relationship; but, as someone who isn’t even 20 yet, I am in absolutely no rush to attach myself to another person when I’ve barely lived. I want to be able to live a life where I can tell my own stories, learn my own life lessons, be young, dumb and reckless without it being a consequence to anyone else.

What I'm saying is, we’ve just stopped being in school. We have just moved out. A lot of us are experiencing independence for the FIRST time. There are so many things I haven’t yet done, there’s so many things I didn’t even know I hadn’t done.

These kids in serious relationship are attaching so much meaning to a person that they lose who they are without that person. They rather hold onto something mediocre and comfortable than risk being alone for a while and going into the unknown. The fear of the unknown is so real. It scares them more to be alone than it does to be unhappy for the foreseeable future. Isn’t that a true tragedy?

If you got into a relationship when you were 16, it’s highly likely that you are still stuck in that sixteen-year-old mind set. You probably do love your partner, but does that mean you're IN love with them?

Never having been in a relationship, I don’t know. I have never been in a relationship by choice, I assure you. Not in a vain way, but I get attention, but how can I commit to a person when I can barley commit to myself? One day I will love who I am: my body, my hair, my laugh, every part of myself; then the next I will be unhappy with my weight, think my hair is boring, hate a little gap in my teeth. I can’t even commit to loving me, how can I guarantee someone else I will love them?

If I look at the people around me, I have two friends who have loved their partners since they were about 16. When they’re with their girlfriends they change, it feels like they regress. I don’t think anyone works hard to change, to then be with someone who doesn’t add to your life and even takes you back to a time where you are your former self. These boys seem to be growing so much when they came to university. Obviously, I didn’t know them before, but even from the beginning of our first year till the end they changed SO much. They became confident, more themselves, more assertive, more daring and just happier. When I see them with their girlfriends, or even when they are more involved with their girlfriends, they become children once again.

Being stuck at 16 is what we should really fear. They fear being alone. These people in serious relationships at sixteen are more afraid of being alone than being just content. How can we live in a generation where instead of striving for happiness, true ecstasy, living in bliss, we’re perfectly satisfied living with what’s comfortable rather than try something new?

Potentially something to reflect on?

Well that was a thought from 2015 I'm glad to have shared. To be honest, a new year genuinely means it's time to leave all of those thoughts, feelings, and negative people in the past and make the BEST of a hopefully brilliant new year!

Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....