Monday, 13 July 2015

Home is wherever I'm with you...

So the end of my first year at uni came and I was time to leave our university halls. My home for my first year at uni. My first London home (independent of my mother). My little flat in the big city.

As scary as it was moving in, I couldn’t even begin to explain how exciting it was. I've loved outside of London since I was 7. So come back is pretty much all I've wanted. I've had one of the best years ever, don’t get me wrong there have been so many UPS and DOWNS, but without that my year would have been sooooo boring. I've met some cool people, some incredibly lame people, and made some F A B friends. So many lessons were learnt and a lot of realisations happened this year but I feel like I've changed for the better.

Moving home was a welcome relief, in all honesty. The last month at uni, when everyone knows it's all coming to an end, our friends from home are starting to return, our parents are expecting us back, our old schools are planning reunions, and our local clubs are holding events to get everyone back together, people started to realise that they needed to prepare for a summer without the people they’ve just spent the last 9 months seeing almost 24/7.

A lot changed over the last month of uni. I did more spontaneous things, I stopped caring about what everyone was doing as a group and decided to do things even if the others didn’t want to and I had a lot of F U N.

People broke up for the summer and people got back together. We've all done what is most convenient for ourselves.

I miss everyone a lot. A ridiculous amount. But I'm having an A M A Z I N G time at home. I'm spending tonnes of time with my best friends, were going out, staying in and just having a lot of fun. I've managed to visit my old school and actually enjoyed it. (Considering I said I never wanted to go back, I had a great time; it's nice not feeling like a child anymore!)

I think moving back is a big change, but I think it came at the right time. Everyone needs a break and I think we've all missed everyone from home. It gives us time to spend with those who matter before we have to move away again.

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