Monday, 10 August 2015

Let’s relive my TEEN years

So, obviously, I'm still a teen, NINETEEN, and as cute and as lively as ever. But soon I'll be 20. As shown by my friends, I'm going to get old, probably end up boring, I'm actually going to have to start going to bed at 10.30pm or I'll be grumpy in the morning, I'll probably wake up at 7.30am for my group knitting class and I’m fairly certain I'll start loosing bladder control. EW.


Apparently, its not always like that. PHEW.

I’m actually pretty excited to be 20. For no real reason, I just love birthdays and mine's at a pretty great time in the year. I can look back on my photos from when I was younger and see that I am getting BETTER with age. THANK CHRIST. I was not a cute angsty teen. Let me tell you.

There are some things I miss from when I was 14/15:

Like where are Metro Station?

NGL I do NOT miss the emo fringe. I quite like being able to see.

What were those weird glove things?

Maybe we should have left these glasses to Kanye.

THICK under eye eyeliner. Oh that was NOT cute.

Young Rihanna.

The Jonas Brothers. TRUE LOVE.

Going to see the Twilight movies. Obviously on the opening night. FANGIRLS.

Coloured skinny jeans. That was an interesting look.

I'm so glad I've moved on from this. The weird thing is that if you look at people that age they're still dressing the same, still going through weird phases and still into those alternative bands.

So things don't really change. We do.

Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....


Song of the post: Shake It - Metro Station

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