Friday, 7 August 2015

Baby, you're so classic....

What happened to old fashion romance? Cute dates? Asking parents permission to take a girl out? Leaving room for Jesus while dancing? Where's it all gone?

Okay, so I regularly get called ancient by my siblings, baring in mind I'm yet to turn 20, but I do think that our generation has lost some of the magic and cuteness previous generations have had.

I think that maybe we should bring back some of the cuter aspects of dating that our parents and grandparents had. I'm sure most of us have heard the loved phrase “back in my/our day we….” Well maybe they have a point. No, I'm definitely not saying our parents are always right or always have a point when they use that phrase, my mother uses it a lot when I complain about slow Wi-Fi, she quips me with “back in my day you had to go to the library to do all your homework and if you wanted to talk to your friends you’d have to visit them or write a letter….” I'm not going to lie, I do tend to zone out when my mother flashes back to her younger self and her real life struggles, but when she talks about dates its pretty cute.

We should actually ASK people out on dates. Stop asking to “hang out” or “if you're free we could” or “I'm bored…” If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Do it. Seriously it would be appreciated to be asked out on a date. Like come find me and be like “hey, I was thinking we could go out for lunch and then take a trip to the history museum because they have a new exhibition opening and I though we could go check it out together.” YES.

I think a guy should knock on the door and meet my parents. I think it would be cute. I'm not saying it would have to be the first date because that is SO heavy, but I think If we’d been dating a while and he picked me up and knocked on my door whilst I came down the stairs, that would be cute.

Bring a cute little gift. Doesn’t have to be big or fancy, a flower, my favourite sweets, something cute. I'm not asking for something all the time but sometimes it would be sweet.

Dressing up. I feel like we have to be casual about everything. Its boring. I do NOT want to dress up all the time but sometimes it would be fun. If you’re taking me out for dinner, then lets both dress up. Let’s pretend we’re FANCY. Also we can take some snazzy selfies.

Be a gent. Open doors, push my seat in. pal, it’s the cutest things when guys do the whole “ladies first…” NO not all the time but if we’re being cute go for it. I’ll totally pretend I'm way to fragile to open the door my self.

I'm not a fan of dancing with guys in clubs. Don’t get me wrong I love going out and having fun but GRINDING with strangers is NOT my thing. So let’s bring back classy dancing. Think movies like ‘The Notebook’ and 'HSM' rather than all that 'bump and grind' business.

How about we don’t sit on our phones? Let’s pretend other people don’t exist for a while. Let’s talk. Lets flirt. Let’s ask questions. Let’s hold hands.

DO NOT EXPECT SEX. Maybe we could end on a goodnight kiss. A hug at the door. It shouldn’t always be an expectation. Its cuter. I promise.

I’ve been on ONE date throughout my whole 19 years of living. By choice, I promise, I had never wanted to go on a date before, but this time I did and it was SUPER cute. We did all of the above (except the parents, he met my flatmate and shook his hand *awwww*) and it was INCREDIBLE. There isn’t a single thing I would change about it.

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Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....


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