Monday, 10 August 2015

Things I’d tell my first year self

Oh my gosh! Second year is ridiculously close. I'm actually insanely happy to be going back to uni. I feel lost without structure in my life, I don’t like not having to be places, I miss having things to do. I actually miss learning new things a LOT.

The more I reflect on first year the more I miss it. It's gone. I can’t get it back. But, I can learn from my mistakes. In all honesty I don’t regret ANYTHING from first year because at the time it's what I wanted, I enjoyed it and I soothe it all over in my head by calling it all BANTER.

But, here are some things I would tell my self a year ago:

Study hard. Make your life easier in the long run. Actually go to ALL your lectures and tutorials. I know Alan hates you, but I do genuinely think he’s secretly in love with you and when you get a first you’ll be glad he tortured you. Enjoy the times he picks on you when you’re definitely not listening because that’s the stuff that came up in the exam.

GO OUT. ALL THE TIME. Go to new places. Visit old places. Go to good places. The shitholes. Everywhere because there’s only so much time in the world and you’ll have a great time wherever you go. So go to more crappy fresher’s events, but maybe don’t get too shitfaced and miss lectures, because after all you did meet most of your best friends on your first official fresher night out.

Get to know a few promoters. Most of them are hot. Why not?

Go to more gigs. Its fun! It’s a break from the usual night out.

Uber everywhere. Always. It just makes sense.

Always take a road bottle. Night out essential.

If possible always have a bottle of vodka. You never know when you’ll randomly have a flat party. Or when you'll seriously need a drink. Life got pretty stressful sometimes....

Chill out more in a group. Have movie nights. It’s cute. How great does a pizza party sound?

Host more parties. Considering you refused to go to other people’s parties, throw your own. Also, when you do you have the most amazing time. Dictators birthdays, total winner!

Do not waste time on boys. They’ll come and go. Do not let other people be the reason you’re happy or sad. You’re at uni to meet people. But do not allow boys to be important. I mean you did pretty well, no serious attachment or upset but, just enjoy yourself. Flirt. Have fun! You won't be young forever.

Revise a little earlier. This has nothing to do with anything but your laziness. LAZY SHIT.

Jack has a really fun game on the Xbox so get him to show you that earlier. Maybe you won't be so rubbish at it if you have more practice? Hahahah, we can hope I guess......

Go out and dress up for cute dinners out. Its fun. Also you can take some super cute photos. INSTAGLAM, am I right? Also, photos to use for #tbt.

Do NOT rely on everyone else. People are flakes. Go out regardless of what everyone else are doing. Don’t let other people let you miss out.

As the great Miss Montana so accurately stated, "everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those day...."

P.S. Why was your room ALWAYS a mess? Get your shit together woman, mum isn’t there to clean up after you anymore!

P.P.S. Also maybe drop your laptop on the floor less….

I asked some of random people who have also done their first year, and here are their wise words:


Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....


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