Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Box....

So obviously what do we do when we get bored? G O  O U T.

So Jess and I decided to meet with our friend G. We thought this would be fun because we've been planning on all going out together and chatting for a long time. So finally, after exams and work and everything we found a day that suited us all. On Monday 8th June, all 3 of us went to The London Cocktail Club just outside of Oxford Circus. 

It was fantastic, 2-4-1 on cocktails, we were in H E A V E N.  A lot of good conversation, and alcohol makes for a wonderful afternoon. After drinking £120 worth of alcohol we decided we'd quite like to carry on, we text the manager of The Box and we're delighted to find out that Monday was the first time ever the venue was opening on a Monday.

We made our way home, Jess and I we're feeling the need for food, so take out Nandos (cheeky) and Wagamama it was. Chicken burger for me, and a tofu salad for the vegan. Spontaneously I decided I needed to have garlic bread with cheese, so I went to Frankie and Benny's. Whilst there the manager, being an absolute saint, informed me that take out alcohol was a real thing. So 4 piña coladas in coffee cups later I was on my way home to get dressed.

G, Jess and I. #liftselfie
Slipping on a black dress, fixing my red lipstick and putting on real heels, not boots, we we're all ready to go. We got an Uber taxi there, the life of classy London student, and we were greeted at the venue by the manager. He sat with us, chatted, told us about the night and other shows they have, and got us some amazing drinks. He was an absolute little gem.

Us three girls were having a blast, the live singer was I N C R E D I B L E. She sang like one of the women from Hercules who sings all through the movie, she was sassy and sang some absolute T U N E S.

Gaga at The Box
So later we were dancing and what international sensation should walk through the doors? L A D Y G A G A! So yes, we did bump and grind with Gaga. It was F A B. She looked amazing, she danced on the dance floor without security around her and everyone had a blast! So yes, The Box is an amazing venue. No everyone won't have the same treatment as us, but I do think everyone will find something they love there!

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Until next time, remember rats and horses cant vomit. I've said it so it must be true....


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