Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The 39 stages of being Miley/Hannah...

Now we've all been Miley/Hannah at some point in time.

So here how we can A L L relate to her: 

1. We all came out of the womb, into the world and presented ourselves. 

2. We've all had the best and worst times growing up. It's been weird sometimes, and I'm sure we've all pulled this face at least once a day.

3. We've all taken our parents for granted. It sucks but we do it. They're incredible. You couldn't be who you are without them. 

4. We've all happy danced with our siblings. It's probably because you've gotten away with something, the parents will never know. S H I M M Y. 

5. And we've fought with out siblings, because they're our siblings. Who else are you gonna fight with and still love unconditionally?

6. Us girls have probably had an Unfabulous moment. We've written a song, blogged, written a diary entry. It was traumatic enough to need to be recorded. 

7. Living in a world where YouTubers are minor celebrities, we've probably had a whirl at vlogging. 

8. We've probably experimented with new looks. Some probably worked, most probably went horrifically wrong. 

9. Most of us have probably finally found a look that works. We've all pull this face in the mirror. P O U T.

10. We have all wished life was easier, more romantic, had a bit of spice, or that we could have our happy ending sooner. But that's just not the way it is. 

11. Then there's boy/girl drama. It's inevitable. We've all found out someone has feelings for you or realise your own feelings for someone. 

12. We've all tried to flirt with a guy or girl. 

13. And we've probably all done a double take and tried a flirty look when a solid 10 walks by. 

14. We've all panicked when something goes wrong. 

15. We've said something or they've said something we didn't quite mean. 

16. We all hate getting advice, but we always listen. We know it. Parents know best (most of the time). 

17. When it doesn't go quite the way you plan. We've all sat there overthinking and overanalysing. 

18. But I'm sure we've all had a time when we've given it a try. Why not? How exciting

19. It's been a golden. Honeymoon period. W O O P W O O P. 

20. We've had playlists that remind us of the good times. 

21. We've all had someone tell us something we're not quite ready for. D R A M A L L A M A. 

22. And I'm sure we've all pretended to not fully comprehend what's being said to us. Because, no we don't want to acknowledge that. So, for now, we don't speak English. 

23. So it's gone a bit "tits up". Time to say bye and swiftly exit. 

24. So obviously there's gonna be a little internet stalking to check on his progress, his life post you. Has he moved on? Surely not. Upgrade? I doubt it. 

25. Most girls won't like his new thang.

26. And she probably isn't a fan of his ex. 

27. It's okay to be Jackson sometimes too... 

28. And we've probably kissed someone we wouldn't normally. Maybe due to your alcohol intake, or a need to boost self esteem, but it's been done and you can't take it back. How S A D?

29. It's okay because...

30. We've probably done something pretty mortifying, something that highlights how embarrassingly stupid we truly are. 

31. Most girls will have used their charm, flirt tactics or good looks to get them something over their lifetime. Or get them out of something. 

32. We've all had these days... 

33. Thank goodness for our best friend, otherwise those days might be E V E R Y D A Y. 

34. We've all been suprised, probably by an unexpected someone popping up. 

35. And obviously someone decides it's prime time to take a photo. M U G S H O T. 

36. But I'm sure most of will relate to RBF. Resting Bitch Face, all day, everyday. 

37. But....

38. Reveal the real you under that RBF...

39. Because we're really just absolute A N G E L S. 

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