Thursday, 18 June 2015

Chunder Town 😷

So I went to visit my best friend Amber in Warwick. It was so fun the first night we went to Kasbah. It was cute, kinda like Warwick's version of The Roxy.

We ended up going home at 2 because Amber's friend Sarah entered Chunder Town. Bless her!  We took her home, put her to bed and Amber stayed with her. 

But obviously we went out the next evening. It was Saturday. We were going to Skool Dayz on campus. But first we circled

Now circling is when you join a society and as a society you drink. You play lots of drinking games and it ultimately ends in a lot of slut shaming, banter and possibly a ruined friendship! 

I'm not part of any societies at my uni, due to my lack of sportsmanship, lack of creativity and my being too cool to sign up to anything other than law society. 

So Amber is part of the netball society, although due to being vertically challenged she never plays. 

So we went to this cute little pub, Kelsey's, in Coventry. I went with five other people, Amber and alannah (who have been circling before) then us circling virgins, Claire, Vanesaa, Jess and myself. 

So we enter this pub, are given snazzy little wrist bands, buy pitchers and join the circle. 

Jess can't drink this interesting concoctions that are the regular drink of choice for these circling experts, so we buy a pitcher of vodka cranberry. 

So immediately we are all instructed to stand up and drink a penalty pint for being late

This goes on, us learning new chants and playing games with involve describing your vagina depending on what letter you're allocated, making sexual noises in German and playing zap. 

Now an hour in my stomach is filled with S O much liquid I'm dying. 

Jess is on pretty much the same page. 

It's time to.....

T A C T I C A L C H U N D E R.

We both head to the bathroom, because obviously we can't do it alone, and wait in a queue. Amber at this point has already chundered,Vanessa has left the room to talk to her boyfriend/not drink anymore and Claire is an absolute trooper. 

Jess and I finally get into our cubical and we try to vomit. I attempt to vomit and make a noise as if I have, this leads to Jess full out vomiting on the floor right next to my leg! 

Then due to me seeing Jess chunder, I chunder.

Both of us chundering pretty much hand in hand. 

Now I think it's extremely difficult to vomit with dignity, and neither of us did so. 

Jess declared her "stir fry came out of her nose" and I again chundered as a response. 

But obviously after that we had to.... T A K E A S E L F I E. 

Never have we looked so happy to have been in a toilet cubical and have just vomited. 

We then exited our cubical and pretended we were outraged to have to wait for a cubical which didn't have someone's puke on the floor. 

I mean, who would do that?!

After cleaning ourselves up, actually peeing and leaving the bathroom smelling of vanilla and mint, we thought we found some great lighting. So obviously I had to take a beautiful selfie. 

That's probably one of the cutest photos of Jess and I. 

You could not even begin to suspect we'd been in Chunder Town minutes before this was taken. 

Later we went to Skool Dayz and the music was I N S A N E. I relived my childhood. 

So many H O T guys in Warwick too! 

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