Tuesday, 16 June 2015


 So I came to uni in September 2014. 

It was a genuine miracle I made it this far. After IB (acronym for hell on earth) where I thought I'd without a single doubt failed, because I went into a Spanish exam without knowing even 100 words of Spanish, but by some incredible hand of luck, I passed. I got the grades I needed (and did a bit better too!) I was set to go to my first choice uni.

So after traveling in the summer, broadening my horizons, expanding my wings, getting a bit more cultured, I was heading off to my new home in London. 

Now everyone joins these stupid freshers pages, there's 1000 panic posts just before everyone arrives, questions about who's living where and the rush of trying to figure out if your flatmates look like serial killers, but they are useful so I do recommend joining them to find out about events. 

I arrived at my halls, N O idea who I was living with, no idea what genders were in my flat (because apparently we could check, not that I had any idea how to do that!) no idea if they were international student or if they were even first years. 

So I walk into my flat with all my luggage in tow, my mum, sister, brother and grandfather all came to drop me off, we walked into my room and started unpacking. After about 5 minutes there's a knock on my door.... 

I'm greeted by Jack, a 18 year old kid from Essex and Jake, a 19 year old guy (he's not important, other than people needing to know he's not particularly popular with anyone, especially not me). 

They were friendly, we quickly introduced ourselves, my mother left and then I went into the kitchen. I then met James, a 19 year old kid from Cornwall. He sounded incredibly posh, I've learn he's a bit of a mummy's boy. 

Then I met Carlo, my Italian flatmates, no idea how old but his room smell like the fine 'erb. 

So what did I learn: 

1. First impressions count for a lot. But I N E V E R create an opinion of anyone the F I R S T time I meet them. 

2. I suggest during your freshers, you should, be Y O U R S E L F. The real you, because living with these people 24/7, fake personas fade quickly

3. Listen to people, listen to their likes and dislikes, their stories of their upbringing and embrace meeting new people from all walks of life. 

4. Group bond. So we group bonded over where we were all going to eat that evening. We all decided on a subway. S A F E B E T. But we walked around and explored our local area and it was nice to feel comfortable. 

5. Don't be a dick. This sounds easy, but so many people get it wrong. It's easy to offend and upset, so be aware of what you're saying, keep calm and enjoy all these new experiences because freshers is amazing! 

Jack and James are two of my best guy friends, as well as being my flat mates, Jack is like my little brother and James of the older brother I've always wanted. I love them to bits and I do think that your flatmates can become your best friends because I prefer to hangout with them than people I see on my course everyday.

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Until next time, remember camel's milk does not curdle. I've said it so it must be true....


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