Tuesday, 16 June 2015

How not to be a C R A Z Y ex

So I guess breaking up with someone is hard, it doesn’t look fun, people look like shit when they're going through a tough break up, but I actually can't say I know because I've never been in a relationship so I've never broken up with someone. So although it now sounds impossible for me to do a how to guide on something I've never been through or experienced, let me give it a go.

So, although I have not been through a breakup I know people who have and I've been on the receiving end of the crazy.

No one likes to see their ex move on. But it will happen. So when it does here's some advice:

1. Don’t stalk - just don’t. It's not worth it. The effort it takes to find your ex's new love interest, while you are probably thinking of looking at all the photos face book is able to provide you of all her ugly phases, you could instead be going out and finding someone of your own.

2. Do not block - don’t go out of your way to block them. You seem paranoid. The new girl will be laughing at you, because she'll think you think you're special. So don’t block her. Also it seems petty. Would you want your ex to think of you as petty?

3. Don't mock her - in a covert or overt way. Don’t do it. Don’t make fun of her hair, her glasses, her medical needs, her acne, her weight or the way she types or talks. That’s mean. It also means you’ve been paying far too much attention to her. Don't mock people for their insecurities. You don’t know her or what she's been through so don’t be that person.

4. Be civil - especially if you're still friends with your ex. don't make this new girls life hard. Because than everything they do will be hidden and secretive. Wouldn’t you rather be involved than completely out of the loop? Also this makes it easier for you to transition, makes it easier for everyone to be fiends and prevents you looking jealous.

5. Find someone - go out, socialise, flirt, enjoy life. You're too young to be caught up in one person's life. They’ve moved on so you should too. I'm sure you're beautiful, with a great personality and I'm sure you know how to have fun. So go enjoy life. Don’t get caught up in someone else's life because you've got your own life to be living. Don’t waste time!

I mean the occasional glance to see what people are up to, go for it because that’s what the internet is for, but do N O T dedicate hours of your life setting up fake accounts and mapping people exact movements because you will seem C R A Z Y. 

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