Thursday, 11 June 2015

First things first…

Other than being the realist, let's get to know Chantelle.

Age? 19.

Birth place? London.

Ever lived anywhere other than England? India.

What languages do you speak? English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish and French.

What do you do? Full time student, part time lejond*.

What subject do you student? Law.

Do you live at home? Nuh uh honey, I'm an independent coloured woman living her student life with her friends right now.

Favourite season? Winter. (is coming) #GoT

Celebrity crush? Harry Styles and Zac Efron. (always and 5eva)


Favourite Disney princess? I'm more of a villain kinda gal…

Favourite Disney villain? Maleficent

Pets? I want an African pygmy hedgehog in September…

Don't you just wanna squish it???? 

Favourite colour? B L A C K. All black eereeyyythang. 

So who will you be talking about in your blog? Me, and all of my uni friends, and the not so friends because if you don't hear about our lives how will you know what not to do with your own…?

Embarrassing things you and your friends say? It changes but currently top malia banter, lejond, banter, not sure, interesting, there are a few football chants, but I think we say a lot of weird things but I'm just a little immune to them now.

Things that make you happy? New underwear (which we buy a lot).

Things that make you sad? War, hate, bright coloured clothing.

What do you do for fun? Go out, a lot, clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants.

Hobbies? Recently I've been going to the gym….

Ever had a boyfriend? No,  A L O L**, as iffffffff.

S P I R I T A N I M A L 

Guilty pleasure? Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

Places I go to chill? Kensington Gardens, Bluebird Café, Café Nero, and my bed.

*Lejond: pronounced legend, something we say for some bizarre reason, but I guess its better than 
being described as basic.

**A L O L: a phrase I recently use a lot, instead to LOL it's a single LOL, I'm not really sure why but it sounds better to say.

So now you know, not a lot, but enough….

Next time I'm blogging about my fresher, T R U S T M E, you'll want to read that!

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Until next time, remember rats and horses cant vomit. I've said it so it must be true....


Song of the post: Introducing Me - Nick Jonas

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