Sunday, 21 June 2015

Birthday presents 🎁🎉✨

There are two types of people; those who L O V E buying birthday presents and those who H A T E it.

I love it when I get to buy presents for the people I love and care about. I buy little gifts for people all the time. Things I think they'd like. But when it comes to birthdays it is a lot of pressure. 

So here's how to buy a b a n g i n g birthday present for someone: 

1. Put some thought into it. Don't buy something that's pretty or something you'd like. I'd personally rather have something that someone thought about. I recently bought something for someone because a while back they lost a coat and it's pretty much the same coat. 

2. Make sure they'll use it. Don't buy something they'll lose. Or something they already have twenty of. If they won't use it on a regular basis, what function does it serve? 

3. Will it make them smile? Will it remind them of a fond memory? A stupid night out? Will it make them think of you? Of something you once did together? Because if it makes them smile they'll probably be more inclined to keep it. 

4. Personal touches. Personalise it. Make it yours and theirs. Write a little note on it, draw something on it, make it smell like you when they open it. 

5. Is it a milestone? If so you gotta go B I G. Trust me everyone likes their birthday to be special, but go hard or go home on a milestone birthday. It only happens once so make it a good one. 

6. Wrap it. Box it. Make sure it's fun to open. Everyone likes to open something pretty. Add some glitter in the card. Add a bow on the box. Make it presentable because they'll know you spent time on it. 

7. Alcohol. This is always a sure winner with pretty much 16+. Be responsible, but it can be cute and personal. One of my favourite gifts I've received has been alcohol. So this is a sure bet and a great keepsake. 

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