Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bow down to the queen...👑

Vanessa Hudgens. Enough said. She's a goddess. 

Admit it. She's always a winner. 

Whether the woman looks back at her HSM days or at her fashion through time or her hair, the evolution of her nails or her Broadway success; the woman is phenomenal. 

She's an essential piece of my childhood. 

What can't this gal do? 

First we have to bow down to the queen of Coachella. When she isn't there, there is a noticeable piece of the festival puzzle missing. 

Then look at her relationship with Zac. Mr. Efron is probably one of the most desirable human boys of my generation and anyone with a healthy interest in musicals will love the man. The queen got on this hype early and owned it. What a beautiful interracial couple. #GOALS. 

Look at her making her way up the musical ladder. She's taking over. From HSM to being the lead in Gigi on Broadway. What a sasscat. 

Then look at her adorable relationship with her petit soeur. So cute. Vanessa and Stella #sistershipgoals. 

Her relationship with Austin Butler is nothing but beautiful. They can't be faulted. They're one of the most visually appealing couples in existence. 

Her nails are B E A Utiful. The woman is a genius. 

What hair cut or colour doesn't suit her? The answer: none, she can pull of anything

She's without a doubt incredible. So let's all take a second to appreciate this beautiful specimen that is Vanessea Hudgens. 

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Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....


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