Monday, 9 November 2015

My 19th birthday...

Oh My Gosh!! A blog post? After how long? You though I'd given up. Stopped. Nuh-uh hunay. I'm still here. As cute and sassy as every, but also I don't think there's enough useless stuff on the internet and obviously the world would be at a loss if I were to cease leaving my online footprint EVERYWHERE. So here's a #TBT (throw back Tuesday (ain't nobody got time to wait for Thursday)).

The chronicles of my 19th birthday.....

Was the best night out I've ever had the pleasure to experience.

Everything about this evening was perfect

So, on the 16th of January we went to the cutest pub in Chelsea to have a wonderful meal. Earlier that day I went for a walk in Wembley, around the local park and it snowed

On the 17th, I spent the day with Alice and Jess, chilling. We decided a while ago we'd go out on the Saturday so I could turn 19 on the night out. I got ready and was told to be in flat 404 at 8. 

I got there and everyone was there. It was so cute. I walked in to see all my best friends. They'd decorated the flat with balloons and banners. There was a beautiful cake and so many presents.

I was told to open my cards and presents and was overwhelmed at the amount of time and effort everyone had put into everything. 

I almost cried so many times by just 10 o' clock. 

People were in and out of the room as we pre drank together. 

Then we left to go to Camden. 

We got to Camden station, after Amber manages to completely smash her new iPhone 6+ screen to pieces and for some bizarre and hilarious reason slapped Jack, and Alice falls on the platform. 

She's badly injured her ankle, can't move, she's crying. Another girl, who we don't know, is lying on the platform, convulsing. 

Michael and Jack both help this unknown girl, get her into the recovery position and call for assistance. While I help Alice. 

We get out of the station. Amber is wasted. So is Alice and now she's injured. Jess needs to take a moment to catch her thoughts, Freya is done with the evening and so is James. So we order an Uber. 

The taxi arrives and we send home James, Freya, Alice and Amber. 

Michael somehow convinces me to stay out and carry on the night. That leaves Michael, Jess, Hannah, Jack and I. The fabulous five. D R E A M T E A M. 

We first venture into The Worlds End. 

Then to The Elephants Head where we get the cutest little stamps. 

Then we hit Barfly and party the night away. It was I N C R E D I B L E. 

At 3 we order another Uber but it's not big enough to take us all home so me being a stubborn little princess refuses to get in and Michael playing the gentleman refuses to let me go home alone. 

We spent hours that evening trying to get home. One long walk, three bus rides later and a chilly wait at Wilseden Junction, I hit my elbow on a public telephone for a taxi company. 

Both our phones had died so we were in luck. This is the first time we'd both ever seen a public phone ring! 

Weirdly we both had a ridiculous amount of £5 notes on us and a 10 minute taxi ride later we made it home at 6am. 

That night will always be the most amazing night out of my first year. Funnily enough, the best hours of my birthday day were spent trying to get home. 

It was A M A Z I N G. 

There's not a single thing that happened that evening that I would change. It was P E R F E C T. 

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Song of the post: Wonderwall - Oasis

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