Monday, 12 October 2015

Myths about uni….

It’s all fun and games. Yeah the first 2 weeks are MENTAL. You go out 6/7 days and eat your weight in pizza and probably blow 40% of your student loan (if you’re lucky enough to get one on new clothes, alcohol and food (so basically all the essentials)). But after that it gets serious. They actually make you do work. Like, what?

You’ll meet hundreds of people and make so many new friends. Okay, so you do meet a fair amount of people, let’s say you interact with a good 1000 new people in freshers, probably interact with a solid 10 people’s tonsils too, but you’ll settle on a stable group of about 7 people who you'll do EVERYTHING with. Meet your UNI BFFLS.

The work is so different from school. Actually, this ones kinda true. But it’s not a universe away, more like a world. There’s a focus this time, but I mean you're MENTAL if you don’t love learning. Enjoy it. You’ll have to adult soon. *shivers* EW.

You'll meet the love of your life at uni. You might, but you probably won’t. ALWAYS the pessimist me J You’re more likely to meet Lady GaGa than your dream man/woman, so maybe just chill. Also don’t be so serious, why is everyone so eager to grow old.

I can’t wait to buy all my own stuff. Shopping for mundane things, like milk or shampoo or toilet roll are NOT fun. Let me tell you. It’s boring. Where’s my mum? She never taught me how to adequately function as a human being without her so H E L P.

So what uni myths are floating round these days?

Can’t believe I'm actually in second year already.

All I know is that it’s all going too fast. So please don’t waste your uni experience. Have fun. Do things. New things. Be you. Flourish!

Until next time, remember I've said it so it must be true....